Journal Papers

M. Moussallam, A. Gramfort, L. Daudet, G. Richard "Blind Denoising with Random Greedy Pursuits", IEEE Signal Processing Letters 2014 preprint bibtexSource Code
, now also available on github (pure python).

M. Moussallam, L. Daudet, G. Richard "Matching Pursuits with Random Sequential Subdictionaries", Signal Processing 2012 preprint wwwbibtexSource Code

Y. Moussallam, C. Oppenheimer, A. Aiuppa, G. Giudice, M. Moussallam and P. Kyle "Hydrogen emissions from Erebus volcano, Antarctica", Bulletin of Volcanology 2012pdf

Conference Papers

J. Royo-Letelier, R. Hennequin, M. Moussallam "Metric learning for music artist disambiguation from audio" ISMIR 2018pdf

R. Hennequin, J. Royo-Letelier, M. Moussallam "Audio Based Disambiguation Of Music Genre Tags" ISMIR 2018pdf

R. Delbouys, R. Hennequin, F. Piccoli, J. Royo-Letelier, M. Moussallam "Music Mood Detection Based On Audio And Lyrics With Deep Neural Net" ISMIR 2018pdf

S. Varasteh Yazdi, A. Douzal-Chouakria, P. Gallinari, M. Moussallam "Time warp invariant dictionary learning for time series clustering: application to music data stream analysis" ECML 2018

R. Hennequin, J. Royo-Letelier, M. Moussallam "Codec Independent Lossy Audio Compression Detection" ICASSP 2017

G. Meseguer-Brocal, G. Peeters, G. Pellerin, M. Buffa, E. Cabrio, C. Faron Zucker, A. Giboin, I. Mirbel, R. Hennequin, M. Moussallam, F. Piccoli, T. Fillon "WASABI: a Two Million Song Database Project with Audio and Cultural Metadata plus WebAudio enhanced Client Applications" Web Audio Conference 2017pdf

M. Moussallam,L. Daudet "A General Framework For Dictionary Based Audio Fingerprinting" ICASSP 2014

M. Moussallam, A. Gramfort, L. Daudet, G. Richard "Débruitage Aveugle par Décompositions Parcimonieuses et Aléatoires" GRETSI 2013pdf

M. Moussallam, G. Richard, L. Daudet "Audio Source Separation Informed by Redundancy with Greedy Multiscale Decompositions" EUSIPCO 2012pdf

S. Fenet, M. Moussallam, Y. Grenier, G. Richard , L. Daudet "A Framework for Fingerprint-based detection of repeating objects in multimedia streams" EUSIPCO 2012

M. Moussallam, L. Daudet , G. Richard "Random time-frequency Subdictionary design for sparse representation with greedy algorithms" ICASSP 2012pdfbibtex

M. Moussallam, L. Daudet , G. Richard "Audio Signal Representations for Factorization in the sparse domain" ICASSP 2011pdfbibtex

M. Moussallam, T. Fillon, G. Richard, L. Daudet "How Sparsely Can a Signal be Approximated while Keeping its Class Identity?" Workshop on Machine Learning and Music, ACM Multimedia 2010 pdfbibtex

M. Moussallam, P. Leveau, M. Aziz-Sbaï "Sound enhancement using sparse approximation with speclets" ICASSP 2010. pdfbibtex

PhD Dissertation

M. Moussallam,"Représentations redondantes et hiérarchiques pour l'archivage et la compression de scènes sonores" Thèse de Telecom ParisTech (French december 2012). pdf Slides

Master's Thesis

M. Moussallam,"Enrichissement du son à partir de Représentation Objet" ATIAM master thesis (French june 2009). pdf


M. Moussallam, "Sparse Decompositions for Redundancy Detection and Audio Source Separation" Seminar at IRISA, Rennes 2013. Slides

M. Moussallam "Large Scale Music Information Retrieval" Peyresq Summer School 2018. Slides