This is my research home page

I am a former PostDoctoral fellow at Institut Langevin, a joint laboratory between ESPCI ParisTech, Paris VII university and the CNRS in collaboration with Prof. Laurent Daudet. Before that, I was pursuing my PhD studentship at Telecom ParisTech until december 2012. My research topics include sparse representations of audio signals, indexing in the transform domain, similarity and redundancy automatic recognition. I'm also greatly interested in cognitive sciences and particularly automatic language processing.

I have now joined Deezer, where I continue to work on computer music analysis, only at a slightly bigger scale.

My research is centered on the development of sparse decomposition algorithms with application ranging from compression, source separation to denoising of multichannel time series such as MEG recordings. You will find copies of my work on the publication page and free source code to reproduce a great part of it on my github page.

From time to time, I give a hand to my brother who developped a free and very nice menu planner

People I had the chance to work with: